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Building the Case: Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and Health

Housing / December 13, 2017 1:15 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. ET

New analysis from BPC shows that the LIHTC has the potential to improve health and potentially reduce costs. Join us for a panel discussion on leveraging LIHTC policy.

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New BPC Analysis: LIHTC Shows Promise For Improving Nation’s Public Health

Housing / Press Release November 29, 2017

BPC’s new report explores the potential links between LIHTC projects and health outcomes as well as examines innovative ways to leverage LIHTC policy to improve health, research gaps, and federal policy implications.

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Building the Case: Low-Income Housing Tax Credits and Health

Housing / Research November 29, 2017

The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit has helped to finance roughly 3 million affordable rental units, which have served approximately 7 million low-income households.

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Anand Parekh & Caitlin Krutsick: Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Boosts Health Policy

Health / News November 27, 2017

Better integration of health and housing policy should be a bipartisan goal.

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Tackling America’s Affordable Rental Housing Crisis

Housing / Press Release February 22, 2017

The new administration and Congress should make additional investments in federal rental assistance programs and affordable rental supply a priority.

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Forging an Enduring Bipartisan Consensus on Affordable Rental Housing

Housing / Research February 22, 2017

Policymakers have an opportunity to forge an enduring bipartisan consensus on affordable rental housing. There is more agreement between the two political parties than one might think. The question is whether lawmakers can find the political will to devote to the effort and the resources to make significant progress.

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Bipartisan Legislation Supports Healthy Aging for Seniors

Health / Press Release May 27, 2016

Two bipartisan bills have been introduced in Congress that closely align with recommendations released this week by BPC’s Senior Health and Housing Task Force.

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BPC’s New Healthy Aging Report Receives National Recognition

Health / Press Release May 26, 2016

Organizations across the health and housing sectors have expressed their support for BPC’s recommendations.

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Healthy Aging Begins at Home

Health / Research May 22, 2016

For too long America has recognized its shifting demographics but failed to make investments that preserve dignity and independence in old age.

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Connecting Health and Housing: Lessons from Philadelphia

Andy Winkler / Blog March 30, 2016

BPC hosted a forum to explore policy opportunities that would better position communities to support the increasing health and housing needs of older adults.

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