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BPC Effort to Chart Bipartisan Approach for Economic Growth in Appalachia

Economy / Press Release May 8, 2017

Many communities in rural America are still being left behind. This is especially true for the 25 million people that live in the Appalachian region.

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Promoting Precision Medicine, Accelerating Cell Therapies Key to Advancing Medical Innovation

Health / Press Release April 6, 2016

The Senate HELP Committee held its third markup of legislation that will improve the development process and increase investment in drugs that address health needs.

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Bipartisan REGROW Act Would Advance Regenerative Cell Therapy

Health / Press Release March 17, 2016

The REGROW Act—which aligns with recommendations included in a recent BPC report—modernizes FDA’s current regulatory approach toward safe and effective cell therapies.

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ESSA Returns Power on Education to States

Governance / Press Release December 9, 2015

The legislation reforms No Child Left Behind with a more state-focused proposal that restores the federal-state balance critical to a successful education system.

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Pragmatism Comes to Washington: Governors Leading in the Senate

Governance / May 5, 2015 4:30 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. ET

Senators Joe Manchin and Mike Rounds joined BPC President Jason Grumet for a conversation on pragmatism and their goals for the 114th Congress.

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Former Governors Applaud Passage of Education Reform with Bipartisan Senate Vote

Governance / Press Release July 16, 2015

The legislation’s final vote of 81-17 is validation of the hard work and bipartisan spirit that Senators Alexander and Murray put into the bill.

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Sen. Joe Manchin and Sen. Mike Rounds to Headline BPC Agenda Setters Event

Governance / Press Release April 30, 2015

Join BPC on Tuesday, May 5 for the next installment of its Agenda Setters Series featuring former governors and current senators, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Senator Mike Rounds (R-SD).

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Bipartisan Bill to Bring State-led Accountability to Education

Chris Gregoire, Jim Douglas / Blog July 22, 2015

No Child Left Behind stifled innovation at every level, from the state to the classroom, in a mad rush to achieve the unachievable.

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Pragmatism Arrives with Governors-Turned-Senators

Jason Grumet / Blog May 7, 2015

On display was a shining example of how shared values, shared friendship and shared purpose are beginning to enable our system to govern.

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Former Governors Caucus Looks to Change Tone in Senate

Linda Lingle, Jim Douglas / Blog January 3, 2014

Earlier this year something unprecedented and potentially revolutionary happened in the Senate even though (and yet) few people took notice—eleven senators who previously had been governors officially launched the Former Governors Caucus and with its creation, the governors provided a new…

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