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Ethno-Sectarianism and Political Order in the Middle East

National Security / Research December 14, 2018

The newfound faith in the ability of centralized governments to maintain order by brutalizing restive populations into submission is belied by the region’s recent history.

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Crisis in Kurdistan and the Future of Iraq

National Security / November 2, 2017 10:00 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. ET

Amidst fears that conflict could destabilize Iraq, America has struggled to develop a coherent response to rapidly unfolding events.

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BPC Task Force Recommends Four Steps to Stabilize Kirkuk Crisis

National Security / Press Release October 19, 2017

The crisis in northern Iraq risks significantly disrupting U.S. policy in the region and comes on the heels of the recent capture of Raqqa in Syria.

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Containing the Kirkuk Crisis

National Security / Research October 19, 2017

The loss of Kirkuk brought a dramatic end to the enthusiasm aroused by the Kurdistan Regional Government’s September 25 independence referendum.

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The Kurdish Referendum: What Comes Next?

Nicholas Danforth / Blog September 27, 2017

Kurdistan Regional Government President Masoud Barzani stated repeatedly that the referendum will not lead to an immediate declaration of independence.

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Iraqi Kurds Seek Independence Vote

Nicholas Danforth / Blog August 30, 2017

If Washington cannot persuade Barzani to postpone the referendum, the challenge will be to carefully manage the post-referendum diplomacy.

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Trump’s First 100 Days

Hunter Hallman / Blog April 28, 2017

The first 100 days on immigration have been marked by a flurry of high-profile actions from the Trump administration intended to make good on those promises.

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Principles for a New U.S. Strategy in the Middle East

National Security / Research April 13, 2017

Pointing to historical patterns of U.S. foreign policy is insufficient to guide future strategy or to justify new expenditures of blood and treasure.

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New Task Force to Develop Strategy for Middle East

National Security / Press Release April 10, 2017

As a new administration grapples with how to address challenges in the Middle East, the Bipartisan Policy Center is launching a task force of former diplomats and senior foreign policy experts.

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Referendum Gives Turkey Two Choices but Little Hope

Nicholas Danforth / Blog April 5, 2017

The danger for Turkey is that Erdogan has already accumulated enough power that, even in defeat, he could easily bring the entire country down with him.

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