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The Economics of Immigration Reform

Immigration / Research October 29, 2013

Effective immigration reform can be a powerful instrument of economic revitalization.

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EPA Finalizes 2013 Volumes for Renewable Fuel Standard

Scott McKee / Research August 22, 2013

The EPA issued a rulemaking establishing the requirements for cellulosic biofuel, biomass-based diesel, advanced biofuel, and total renewable fuel under the Renewable Fuel Standard.

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Student Loan Debt and the Housing Recovery

Housing / Research June 27, 2013

Outstanding student loan debt has topped $1 trillion, spurring concerns that rising debt will depress new household formation and delay the housing recovery.

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Rental Housing Market Trends

Housing / Research January 2, 2013

The slowdown of new construction during the downturn, coupled with growing demand, means rental market conditions are tight.

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The Energy and Economic Effects of a Nuclear Iran

National Security / Research October 10, 2012

Iran crossing the nuclear threshold would significantly alter the geopolitical and strategic landscape of the Middle East.

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Household Formation and Demographic Trends

Housing / Research June 19, 2012

Facing high levels of unemployment and student loan debt, it is uncertain whether Echo Boomers will be able to absorb the homes left behind by Baby Boomers.

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What Makes Us Healthy vs. What We Spend on Being Healthy

Health / Research June 5, 2012

Changing behavior is never easy, particularly when that behavior is rooted in much deeper changes in the way many Americans live, work, play and eat.

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Housing’s Impact on the Economy

Housing / Research February 12, 2012

If housing sector performance was at the industry average, economic output and economic growth could double. The housing industry’s share of GDP stands at 2.2 percent, 2.3% below its 1980-2007 average of 4.5%.

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