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Debt Limit Near Misses: Four Close Encounters with Default

Economy / Page October 9, 2015

The debt limit has been the subject of much attention over the past few years. Explore BPC’s interactive to see how it has changed since 2010.

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The Geopolitics of Lifting the Crude Oil Export Ban

Energy / Research September 24, 2015

An increase of American crude oil in the global marketplace likely diminishes the influence of other exporting nations by weakening their market share.

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Lifting Crude Oil Export Ban Would Reduce Gas Prices

Energy / Research September 24, 2015

More U.S. crude oil on the global market would increase global supply, impacting the price of internationally traded gasoline and ultimately the U.S. consumer.

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Iran Deal Timeline

National Security / Research September 3, 2015

Though some provisions of the final deal remain in place for 20 or 25 years, provisions in several critical areas begin to lapse in as early as eight years.

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Nuclear Waste Dry Cask Storage, Explained

Energy / Research July 28, 2015

As nuclear waste continues to make headlines, a common reference point is the dry cask storage in which nuclear waste is sometimes held.

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The Value of Prevention

Health / Research May 28, 2015

Americans spend an enormous amount of money treating largely preventable chronic conditions. Prevention can reduce demand on the health care system.

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Business Can Help Bridge the Infrastructure Gap

Infrastructure / Research May 5, 2015

America faces a $1 trillion infrastructure funding crisis. Government alone can’t fully fund all of the roads, bridges, and other critical infrastructure our economy needs.

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Housing the Families Who Need it Most is Within Our Reach

Housing / Research January 7, 2015

In developing recommendations to address the nation’s urgent housing challenges, BPC concluded that the “primary focus of federal housing policy should be to help those most in need.”

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Retirement Security: A Diversity of Risks

Economy / Research October 7, 2014

Saving for and managing the risks surrounding retirement security can be a daunting task, as shown by these illustrative profiles.

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Compliance Pathways Under the Proposed Clean Power Plan

Jennifer Macedonia, Blair Beasley, Stuart Iler / Blog September 22, 2014

The proposed regulations by the EPA aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants.

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