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Testimony by Jason Grumet on Congressional Earmarks

Jason Grumet / Research January 18, 2018

BPC President Jason Grumet testified before the House Committee on Rules about the important role congressional earmarks serve in the functioning of the legislative process.

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114th Congress Improves, but Gridlock Overshadows

Michael Thorning / Blog January 19, 2017

The 114th Congress undoubtedly saw improvements to the legislative process, but there were concerning trends as well.

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114th Congress: Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

Michael Thorning / Blog November 15, 2016

Both chambers have accrued a mixed record of progress toward a better functioning legislative process with little time remaining in the 114th Congress.

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Congress Making First Steps Toward Improved Effectiveness

Michael Thorning / Blog April 19, 2015

The index represents a new, long-term effort to bring accountability to Congress and answer the question: how is Congress governing?

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Discharge Petitions Are Useful Minority Tools

Donald R. Wolfensberger / News April 1, 2014

Perhaps only Congress can invent a tool that it fully expects will rarely perform its intended function. It’s called the discharge petition, a device designed to dislodge bills stuck in committee. This year, House Democrats have filed three such petitions…

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