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Treasury Debt Limit Statement in Line with BPC Analysis

Economy / Press Release November 1, 2017

The Treasury Department’s latest statement on the debt limit is in line with the Bipartisan Policy Center’s analysis.

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Iran’s IRGC in U.S. Sanctions Spotlight

Jessica Michek / Blog October 26, 2017

When President Trump recently outlined his administration’s approach to Iran, he called for addressing “the full range of Iran’s destructive actions” beyond just the nuclear issue. The first step was calling on Treasury to further sanction the entire Islamic Revolutionary…

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Regulate Non-Banks by Focusing on Products and Activities

John Soroushian / Blog September 20, 2017

There are serious concerns about the systemic risks posed by the non-bank sector and these concerns should be addressed through proper regulation.

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Treasury Review Should Revamp Bankruptcy Code, Not Strip Regulators of Emergency Powers

John Soroushian, Justin Schardin / Blog September 15, 2017

The ideal solution for the too-big-to-fail problem is to allow firms to fail in an orderly manner through an improved Bankruptcy Code.

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Harvey Raises Stakes on Debt Limit Debate

Shai Akabas, Tim Shaw, Jack Rametta / Blog September 5, 2017

Hurricane Harvey relief spending will have minimal effect on BPC’s “X Date” range, but the urgent need for funds raises the stakes for policymakers to come to a deal to extend the debt limit.

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BPC’s Shai Akabas explains the debt ceiling in plain English

Economy / News September 5, 2017

BPC’s Shai Akabas discusses the debt ceiling and the dangers of not raising it.

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How Debt Limit Could Impact U.S. Government Payments

Economy / Press Release August 24, 2017

New analysis on the debt limit and the options that Treasury faces if policymakers take no action and the government is unable to fully pay its bills.

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2017 Debt Limit Analysis

Economy / Research August 24, 2017

Policymakers would need to act in advance of October if they intend to ensure that all obligations of the U.S. government are paid in full and on time.

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Cost of Approaching Debt Limit “X Date”

Tim Shaw, Jack Rametta, Shai Akabas / Blog August 11, 2017

As the debt limit “X Date” approaches, lost in the mix are warning signs that appear ahead of time, which carry costs for American taxpayers.

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Treasury’s Call for Updating Small Business Regulation is an Opportunity for Main Street

Ashmi Sheth / Blog August 7, 2017

The Treasury Department recently made several recommendations that are intended to increase access to capital for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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