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The Upcoming Social Security and Medicare Trustees’ Reports: A Preview

Economy / Research June 22, 2017

It has helped immeasurably that the two public trustees have generally striven to operate as a bipartisan team, rather than dividing to offer competing partisan perspectives.

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Three Takeaways from the Treasury Report on Regulating Banks and Credit Unions

John Soroushian, Justin Schardin / Blog June 19, 2017

The report is a positive contribution to the debate on financial regulatory reform and includes a number of recommendations that could garner bipartisan support.

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Debt Ceiling Is Again a Battleground

Economy / News June 14, 2017

BPC’s Steve Bell discusses the debt limit.

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Lack of Debt Limit Action by August No Danger

Economy / News June 13, 2017

The Bipartisan Policy Center reiterated its projection that the “X date” would fall sometime in October or November.

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BPC Holds “X-Date” Forecast at October/November, But with Heightened Uncertainty

Shai Akabas, Timothy Shaw / Blog June 12, 2017

BPC is maintaining its projection that the debt limit “X Date,” will fall sometime in October or November 2017.

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Cost Sharing Reduction Subsidies: What Are They and How Are They at Risk?

Peter Fise / Blog June 8, 2017

This BPC Deep Dive examines what CSR subsidies are and how these subsidy payments are affected by current legal and political uncertainty.

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A Simple Fix to Maintain FSOC’s Insurance Expertise

Justin Schardin / Blog May 16, 2017

Dodd-Frank does not include many of the details that are defined for the other voting members of FSOC, including anything on the Independent Member’s specific duties.

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Improving U.S. Insurance Regulation

Finance / Research April 19, 2017

There has been too little analysis and policy discussion of insurance regulatory reforms at the state, national, and global levels from the perspective of their impact.

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The Debt Limit at 100

Economy / Research March 15, 2017

The debt limit has been around for a century, but many years have passed since a serious discussion was held over its efficacy.

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Extraordinary Measures, Simplified

Economy / Research March 15, 2017

When the debt limit is scheduled to be reinstated from its current suspension, Treasury will again begin to deploy its extraordinary measures.

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