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BPC, Georgetown to Explore Intersection of Business, Government and Society

Governance / Press Release March 27, 2015

BPC and Georgetown University will collaborate on projects, events and student opportunities.

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As New Congress Begins, Snowe and Glickman Discuss Prospects for a Better-Functioning Legislature

Governance / Press Release January 15, 2015

Snowe and Glickman will discuss whether leaders can keep those promises, what further steps they should take to restore a functioning Congress and how to re-engage Americans in the political process.

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Bipartisan Tip Sheet – January 2015

Blog / Blog January 14, 2015

A monthly roundup of events featuring Bipartisan Policy Center founders, senior fellows, project leaders and staff

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An Evening with Senator Olympia Snowe and Secretary Dan Glickman

Governance / January 22, 2015 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET

BPC hosted a conversation on political reform with former Senator Olympia Snowe and former Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman, co-chairs of the Commission on Political Reform.

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Former Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman to Participate in Washington Post Live Forum

Health / Press Release December 2, 2014

This event will convene national leaders to discuss innovative methods and cutting-edge technologies that will define farms in the future. Dan Glickman will participate.

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Physicians Need Training in Nutrition and Physical Activity to Help Combat Obesity Epidemic

Health / Press Release June 24, 2014

Current training for medical professionals in nutrition and exercise is inadequate to cope with the nation’s obesity epidemic.

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Bipartisanship and the Next Generation of Leaders: A Partnership with The Washington Center

Blog / Blog January 13, 2014

BPC recently partnered with The Washington Center for the first week of its annual Inside Washington Seminar: Exploring Bipartisan Solutions.

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Fellow Fridays: Former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman

Abbey Brandon / Blog October 18, 2013

Fellow Fridays is a series of profiles of the Bipartisan Policy Center’s roster of fourteen Senior Fellows. This week, we are sharing advice from former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman. He co-chairs BPC’s Commission on Political Reform and Nutrition…

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National Commission on Political Reform Releases New Poll on American Attitudes Toward Public and Community Service at National Town Meeting

Governance / Press Release July 23, 2013

BPC’s Commission on Political Reform and USA TODAY released a national poll that shows Americans are interested in participating in public service, but are reluctant to run for and serve in public office.

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