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A Guide to the 2018 Social Security and Medicare Trustees’ Reports

Economy / Research August 22, 2018

A summary of our conclusions upon review of the 2018 Social Security and Medicare trustees’ reports, published by the ex officio trustees earlier this year.

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Bipartisan Senate Legislation to Boost Retirement Savings

Economy / Press Release July 17, 2018

In a promising display of bipartisanship, four senators introduced legislation today to help millions of Americans save for retirement.

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The 6 Challenges to Retirement Security

Economy / Page January 19, 2018

BPC’s Commission on Retirement Security and Personal Savings spent two years reviewing the challenges facing Americans on the road to retirement and proposing solutions. Take a look at the six challenges to retirement security and what could be done about them.

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Collision of Budget Deadlines and Tax Bill Could Have Grave Consequences

Economy / Press Release December 8, 2017

The next few weeks could have a major impact on America’s fiscal future, with a vote on tax reform coming soon.

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Nobel Prize Winner’s Ideas ‘Nudge’ Public Policy

John Soroushian, Kenneth Megan / Blog October 19, 2017

Behavioral economics has been especially influential in the field of personal savings and informed the work of BPC’s Commission on Retirement Security and Personal Savings.

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A Guide to the 2017 Social Security and Medicare Trustees’ Reports

Economy / Research October 11, 2017

The public trustees for Social Security and Medicare have been essential to the oversight of program finances since the official positions were established in 1983.

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Help Americans Secure Their Retirement

Economy / News April 11, 2017

There remains opportunity for action on important policies that can help the American people. Retirement security is one of those issues that crosses partisan boundaries.

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RESA Tax Provisions Aim to Improve Retirement Security

Shai Akabas / Blog December 6, 2016

The Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act would modify some of the existing retirement tax incentives in ways that would improve access to retirement savings.

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RESA Addresses Leakage from Retirement Savings Accounts

Shai Akabas / Blog November 28, 2016

Financial insecurity can cause many hard-working savers to prematurely withdraw funds from their retirement accounts for unexpected needs.

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House and Senate Bills Seek to Improve Retirement Security in America

Ashley Ridlon / Blog November 18, 2016

New bills would advance important goals, such as protecting retirement savings, simplifying account rules, and facilitating lifetime-income options.

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