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Q&A with Commission on Political Reform Leadership

Governance / Blog August 15, 2017

CPR Co-Chairs Tom Daschle, Dan Glickman, and Olympia Snowe discussed the importance of the CPR report’s recommendations in this current political environment.

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After 200 Days, Most Government Management Roles Unfilled

Governance / Press Release August 8, 2017

According to new BPC data, fewer than one-third of critical federal agency management roles have been filled as the Trump administration marks 200 days in office.

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Management Roles in the Trump Administration

Matthew Weil / Blog August 8, 2017

The Trump administration continues to trail its recent predecessors in filling key appointed management positions as we reach the 200-day mark since inauguration.

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The Debt We Owe Each Other to Strengthen Democracy

Beverly G. Hudnut / Blog May 30, 2017

There has never a better time for all Americans to commit time to public service—in their own community or at the state or federal level.

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Proposals to Strengthen and Protect Congress’ Legislative Capacities

Governance / March 28, 2017 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. ET

The most recent election highlighted our country’s deep political, economic and culture divides. Yet despite these differences, our government must continue to function.

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Civic Leadership Initiative

Governance / Page February 16, 2016

In concert with leading employers, nonprofits, and government officials, the new effort encourages employees to register, to vote, and to work as volunteers at polling places.

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Grumet: Congress Reinvigorating Rules of the Road

Governance / News July 20, 2015

We see a glimmer of effective governance that contradicts the narrative of congressional incompetence as an embedded feature of our democracy.

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How’s Congress doing? There’s an index to answer that

Governance / News June 25, 2015

At a time when Americans are feeling powerless to influence change, this index provides vital information as to whether or not Congress is jettisoning gridlock.

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A year of national service for young Americans could restore trust in government

Governance / News June 21, 2015

The first step is to restore a sense of civic duty in ourselves. Our nation needs to rededicate itself to the merit of service to re-engage the next generation.

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Congress may be getting ‘healthier,’ new study finds

Governance / News April 20, 2015

Congress is creaking its way toward greater workability, with lawmakers putting in more days in Washington and the Senate allowing more debate.

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