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August 26: Primary Day in AZ, FL, and VT

Governance / Blog August 25, 2014

If you live in Arizona, Florida, or Vermont, your primary election is coming up tomorrow. BPC’s Commission on Political Reform seeks to increase voter awareness and overall voter participation, so to achieve that goal we are providing handy links and tools for voters before they head to the polls.

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Governors Call for Bipartisanship in State of the State Addresses

Michele Nellenbach / Blog February 6, 2014

With the start of a new year, governors, like the president, gave their annual state of the state addresses.  We would like to commend those governors who used their annual address as an opportunity to call for bipartisanship and interparty…

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Turning a Corner Toward Compromise?

Laura Hall / Blog February 6, 2014

This month, BPC highlights two bipartisan duos that have taken steps to move significant legislation through Congress, which has brought renewed optimism that the tide may be slowly turning back to cooperation in Washington. In December 2013, House Budget Committee Chairman…

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An Overview of the Debt Limit

Economy / Blog February 6, 2014

The debt limit is a law that restricts the amount that the federal government is allowed to borrow to finance its obligations. The limit has been raised dozens of times since it was instituted in 1917, including under every president since FDR.

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New R&D Tax Credit in New Hampshire Rewards Innovation

Governance / Blog August 1, 2013

Too often it appears that politicians are more focused on scoring political points or tarnishing the reputation of an adversary than working across the aisle to achieve a legislative victory. New Hampshire bucked this unfortunate commonality, as the Republican-controlled state…

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2013 Federal Budget Issues

Governance / Blog July 31, 2013

According to the most recent projections from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the deficit is expected to shrink from almost $1.1 trillion last year to $759 billion for the current fiscal year (2013).

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Snaps of Service Winners

Governance / Blog July 18, 2013

In our Snaps of Service photo contest, we asked people to send us a photo of their public service. We were thrilled to receive submissions from all over the country, not to mention a number of international entries. Here are…

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Direct Federal Student Loans

Governance / Blog June 3, 2013

We are fast approaching June 30—the date on which the current 3.4% interest rate for subsidized Stafford loans is once again set to expire.

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