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State Specific Voting Information

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The National Association of Secretaries of State launched #TrustedInfo2020 to promote election officials as the trusted sources of election information.

The Bipartisan Policy Center is proud to be a partner of #TrustedInfo2020, and we hope that our involvement amplifies the voices of state and local election officials so voters get the correct information they need to cast their ballot this November.

By driving voters directly to election officials’ websites and social media pages, we will ensure voters are getting accurate election information and cut down on the misinformation and disinformation that surrounds elections.

The nation’s Secretaries of State, 40 of whom serve as their state’s chief election official, along with other state and local election officials, are continuously working to inform Americans about the elections process, including voter registration, state election laws, voting and much more.

BPC wants all eligible Americans to visit to find state-specific answers to questions about voter registration, polling places, and voting options.

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