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The President's Speech and Infrastructure Investments

The following is a statement by Emil Frankel, director of transportation policy at BPC, in reaction to President Obama’s speech on job creation this evening:

“The Bipartisan Policy Center’s National Transportation Policy Project welcomes the president’s commitment to investing in the nation’s transportation infrastructure, as a key element in building America’s long-term economic prosperity and in stimulating the creation of both short-term and long-term, good-paying, jobs.  The president is right  in noting that America’s world class transportation system made us an economic power, but today that network is aging, deteriorating, and congested.  We have the tools to make these investments, by enacting long-term reauthorizations of both the surface transportation and aviation acts, but, as the president noted, these programs need to be reformed, so that we are making investments that bring real returns and benefits, in terms of economic growth and long-term jobs.  

“In light of the nation’s fiscal challenges, however, the president is right that these investments and programs must be fully paid for.  BPC looks forward to working with the Administration and Congress, in insuring that these goals of wise investments, economic growth, and fiscal responsibility are met.”

2011-09-07 00:00:00
“America’s world class transportation system made us an economic power…”

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