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Natural Gas

The picture of natural gas as an attractive, but limited, domestic resource has changed dramatically in just a few short years. Through its New Dynamics of Natural Gas Supply and Demand project, BPC will focus on the dynamics of new gas supplies, assess their impact on the energy system as a whole, and explore opportunities to expand natural gas use in ways that improve the economic and environmental performance of our energy system.


New Dynamics of the U.S. Natural Gas Market l May 2013

Building on other works on this topic, this report examines the potential impact of increased use of natural gas under a range of assumptions about future supplies, analyzing the combined effect of increased gas demand from multiple sources, including the industrial sector, electric power sector, and LNG and pipeline exports. This paper finds that the domestic price of natural gas is unlikely to rise substantially under a variety of scenarios, including those with increased demand across multiple sectors.

Shale Gas: New Opportunities, New Challenges l January 2012

Reaping the full economic and environmental benefits of an expanded U.S. gas resource base requires building public confidence that shale gas resources will be developed in a safe and environmentally sound manner. This paper identifies emerging issues and opportunities for capturing the economic benefits associated with this new and significant domestic energy resource.

Task Force on Ensuring Stable Natural Gas Markets l March 2011

The Task Force on Ensuring Stable Natural Gas Markets was jointly convened by the Bipartisan Policy Center and the American Clean Skies Foundation in March 2010 to examine historic causes of instability in natural gas markets and to explore potential remedies. The diverse membership of the Task Force brings together key stakeholders from both sides of the supply–demand equation.

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