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Majority of American Voters Want Congress to Work Together

A Bipartisan Policy Center and Morning Consult poll found that two in three voters (67%) prefer that their member of Congress works collaboratively to achieve solutions and pass legislation.  

BPC is a longtime proponent of the legislative ‘regular order’ process and bipartisan collaboration. Getting buy-in from both sides of the aisle is the only way to create durable policy solutions. The poll re-affirms that the public wants  the two political parties to come together on our country’s biggest priorities.  

BPC’s recent polling echoes that American voters want bipartisanship, working across party lines to: 

  • Pass economic legislation (25% Democrats, 33% Republicans) 
  • Pursue immigration policy (a high priority for 33% of Republicans) 
  • Prioritize health care (a high priority for 23% of Democrats) 

Our research also found that more knowledge about the Senate’s recent infrastructure bill makes voters more favorable and confident in Congress. Among voters who have heard a lot about the Senate infrastructure bill (nearly one in three voters), more than half (51%) say the passage of the bill makes them more favorable of Congress, and 42% say it makes them more confident Congress can work across party lines on future policy.  

As debate surrounding the reconciliation process continues in Washington, BPC President Jason Grumet said: “We will continue to speak out in support of bipartisan policies and priorities, while continuing to support Congress legislating by regular order to make lasting changes that will shape our country and improve the lives of its citizens.” 

Download the research deck.

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