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Data Privacy and Data Access Frontier: Strategies Exist for Concurrent Improvements

Jenna Shelton December 12, 2018

Two independent blue-ribbon panels unanimously concluded over the past 18 months that secure data access can be encouraged while simultaneously maintaining stringent confidentiality protections.

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Ohio’s Turnpike Plan: A Creative Alternative to Raise Revenue

Capri S. Cafaro December 11, 2018

Despite legal concerns, Ohio’s lawmakers worked together, across the aisle, to devise an innovative solution to funding needed infrastructure projects.

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‘Invest in People’: What Nobel Laureate Paul Romer’s Research Means for Higher Ed

Kody Carmody December 10, 2018

Research stemming from Romer’s work has shown how crucial higher education is to the production of ideas, and by extension, economic growth.

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Medicaid Expansion Wins Big in Midterm Elections

Natalie Weiner December 6, 2018

Voters have made it clear that Medicaid should continue to expand across the country.

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Improve Elections, Fully Confirm Election Assistance Commission Before 2020

Matthew Weil December 4, 2018

Voters want more secure and better functioning elections, and Congress can act right now to accomplish that.

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Improved Appropriations Process Leads to Better Functioning Congress

Michael Thorning November 28, 2018

Congress had much more success than in recent years when it came funding the government for Fiscal Year 2019, which began on October 1, 2018.

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Why an Accurate Census Count in 2020 Matters

Nick Hart, Meron Yohannes November 21, 2018

The Census Bureau’s efforts to better use technology and web-based approaches for the decennial census are long overdue.

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Key Advances in Gene Therapy and the Promise for Patients

Janet M. Marchibroda November 19, 2018

Recent scientific and clinical breakthroughs in gene therapy offer hope to patients who live with cancer, retinal disease, hemophilia, neurodegenerative conditions, and other diseases.

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Encouraging Responsible Financial Innovation for Main Street

John Soroushian November 19, 2018

Can new technology and innovation make finance work better for Main Street businesses and consumers? The answer depends on the direction public policy takes.

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What the Midterms Mean for Infrastructure

Jake Varn November 13, 2018

The midterm elections have brought a new Congress and an opportunity to move beyond the talking points and start working together on infrastructure legislation.

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