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Immigration in Trump’s FY2018 Budget

Lazaro Zamora May 25, 2017

The FY2018 budget proposes billions in funding increases for border and immigration enforcement, including funds to construct new miles of wall.

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Five Observations on Trump’s Budget and Discretionary Spending on Health and Science

Anand Parekh May 25, 2017

The FY2018 President’s Budget for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has significant implications for medicine, public health, and science.

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DHS Overstay Report Shows Students Overstay More Than Visitors

Theresa Cardinal Brown May 24, 2017

DHS report shows that foreign temporary entrants follow the law and leave on time almost 99 percent of the time.

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Two Birds, One Stone: Tax Reform and Infrastructure

Sarah Kline May 24, 2017

We explain the ways in which tax reform legislation could positively affect America’s infrastructure.

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Texas Vote Shows Key Barriers to P3s Still Exist

Sarah Kline, Jake Varn May 24, 2017

A recent vote by the Texas House of Representatives highlights some of the challenges of expanding the use of P3s in the United States.

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Trump Speech in Riyadh Suggests Similar Approach to His Predecessors

Blaise Misztal May 22, 2017

Although Trump laid out his administration’s major strategic objectives in the Middle East the speech provoked many questions about how it will pursue those goals.

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A Simple Fix to Maintain FSOC’s Insurance Expertise

Justin Schardin May 16, 2017

Dodd-Frank does not include many of the details that are defined for the other voting members of FSOC, including anything on the Independent Member’s specific duties.

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Immigration in the Omnibus

Lazaro Zamora May 10, 2017

Comparison of the major immigration-related budget provisions in the President’s request for FY2017 and what Congress provided in the omnibus appropriations bill.

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Congress Backs Energy Research in the Omnibus

Brad Townsend May 5, 2017

Since 1987, energy research has decreased from 14.4 percent of the federal R&D budget to 5.3 percent by 2017

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Government Spending Bill Includes Important Funding for Accelerating Cures

The bill provides a $2 billion increase in funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to support important research.

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