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Trump, Congress Set Sights on H-1B Visa Reforms

Lazaro Zamora April 19, 2017

President Donald Trump recently signed a new executive order (EO), “Buy American and Hire American,” that proposes changes to the H-1B Specialty Occupations temporary worker program.

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A Life-Cycle Approach to Infrastructure Investment

Andy Winkler April 17, 2017

If policymakers hope to attract private capital to U.S. infrastructure, adopting a life-cycle approach to infrastructure projects is essential.

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Dark Cloud of Illegitimacy Hovers Over Turkey Vote

In the aftermath of yesterday’s referendum, Turkey is unlikely to experience the stability or return to normalcy that many yes voters hoped.

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Florida Voter Registration Data-Sharing Legislation Advances

Tim Harper April 12, 2017

Florida’s participation would improve interstate data sharing initiatives like ERIC and IVRC as well as the accuracy of the voter rolls in the state.

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The Hidden Impact of International Students

Jake Varn April 11, 2017

If U.S. institutions have lost their luster among international students, more than just academic prestige would be at stake.

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Merit-Based Immigration System

Lazaro Zamora April 11, 2017

Moving towards a merit-based immigration system that prioritizes skills and education would represent a dramatic shift in priorities in U.S. immigration policy.

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Continuing Resolution Will Have Negative Impact on Government Operations

Steve Bell April 6, 2017

Failure to approve a full-year Department of Defense appropriations bill for FY2017, will allow foreign adversaries to eclipse much of America’s air, naval and ground superiority.

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Referendum Gives Turkey Two Choices but Little Hope

Nicholas Danforth April 5, 2017

The danger for Turkey is that Erdogan has already accumulated enough power that, even in defeat, he could easily bring the entire country down with him.

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Don’t Neglect the Benefits of Lesser-Skilled Immigration

Kenneth Megan April 4, 2017

Policymakers would be wise not to neglect the benefits of lesser-skilled immigration—which fills a unique role in the labor market, and is a crucial driver of economic growth in America.

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Energy Innovation | By the Numbers

Brad Townsend April 4, 2017

Data overwhelmingly shows that public investment in energy innovation can create jobs, energy savings and security benefits.

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