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States and Cities Pulled into Immigration Enforcement

Theresa Cardinal Brown February 27, 2017

The Trump orders would, by agreement or by coercion, put states and localities squarely in the middle of immigration enforcement in the United States.

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Comparing Trump and Obama’s Deportation Priorities

Lazaro Zamora February 27, 2017

Because of the large unauthorized immigrant population and finite resources, it is necessary for the executive to set priorities among those eligible for removal.

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Rural Infrastructure and the Role of P3s

Jake Varn February 23, 2017

While rural communities undeniably face unique infrastructure needs and significant funding challenges, P3 projects can be part of the solution.

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The 25th Amendment turns 50

John C. Fortier February 10, 2017

On this 50th anniversary of the 25th amendment, we recall that our Constitution is a document for the ages, and it has been able to survive as our fundamental document with only a few changes.

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Care for High-Need, High-Cost Medicare Patients

Peter Fise February 9, 2017

Medicare regulations and payment rules can often erect barriers to innovating evidence-based care designs to address non-clinical needs.

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Why We Need the Election Assistance Commission

Matthew Weil February 9, 2017

The EAC ensures the integrity of our elections while performing bipartisan research about innovations for elections in the future.

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Renewable Energy: Can Companies Replace Federal Support for the Industry?

Rachel May February 7, 2017

The change of administration may not signal the demise of an industry once dependent on federal support in the form of investments, loans, and tax credits.

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Time for a Post-Financial Crisis Review

Justin Schardin February 7, 2017

President Trump’s executive order provides a basis for improvements to financial regulation if it is approached with a focus on evidence over ideology.

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Accelerate the Permitting Process

Andy Winkler February 2, 2017

The complicated and oftentimes lengthy process for environmental reviews and permit approvals can still hold up economically critical projects.

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First 100 Days Infrastructure Agenda

Sarah Kline February 1, 2017

We are just a few days into the new administration and Congress, and members of both political parties are already focusing their attention on infrastructure.

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