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The Transition From LIBOR: No Time for Complacency

Finance October 11, 2018

While there are legitimate concerns that the transition to these new reference rates will be disruptive, LIBOR’s persistent fragility makes reform critical.

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Physical Impacts and Policy Implications of Hurricane Florence

Jake Varn October 10, 2018

Hurricane Florence has reiterated what was already proven by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria: America’s infrastructure is not prepared to withstand major natural disasters. 

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Evidence-Building Capacity Important for Effectively Implementing New Law on Program Management

Diana Ramos, Nick Hart October 9, 2018

While good program management seems like a simple concept, in practice, the suite of federal laws, regulations, and policies for contracting can limit effective implementation.

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Putting Parents Front and Center

Linda Smith, Sarah Tracey October 5, 2018

As the emphasis placed on the importance of parents and parenting increases, access to supports, resources, and parent engagement opportunities should as well.

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Crisis at the Border? Overall Numbers Down, but New Migrant Flows Are Testing the System

Cristobal Ramón October 1, 2018

Apprehensions of families with asylum claims have increased over the last three years, presenting new challenges for U.S. border officials.

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Five Ways the Federal Government Is Promoting Falls Prevention for Older Adults

Andy Winkler September 21, 2018

Falls Prevention Awareness Day remains an important reminder of the progress that has been made and how much more work is yet to be done around this important issue.   

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Primary Election Results Show Improved Voter Turnout, But Not Enough

John C. Fortier, Joshua Ferrer September 21, 2018

Forty-six million voters cast ballots this year in primaries for federal office. It is a large number, and up significantly from 2014. But to strengthen our political parties and our democracy, we must do much better. First, the good news…

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Redevelopment in the District: Exploring Two Public-Private Partnerships 

Niki Deininger September 20, 2018

The District innovatively contracted with private partners to redevelop underutilized city properties and prioritize economic and community development.   

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Escalating Steps in the US-Turkish Crisis

National Security September 20, 2018

This timeline outlines the measures that Washington has taken in response over the past two years, as well as reciprocal actions taken by Ankara.

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Untangling Five Myths About Public-Private Partnerships

Andy Winkler, Niki Deininger September 18, 2018

Since no two P3 agreements are exactly alike, it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing a public-private partnership for a given project.

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