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Housing Mobility Demonstration Would Help Families Move to Opportunity

Amidst the country’s shortage of affordable homes, the Housing Choice Voucher program offers support for low-income families to relocate to neighborhoods with lower poverty.

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Supreme Court Punts on Redistricting Reform, Now Up To Voters

Matthew Weil June 19, 2018

The Supreme Court’s ruling in Benisek and Gill means redistricting reform will need to come from the voters and their representatives directly.

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How Can We Fix the Opioid Crisis: Four Ideas

Will enacting hundreds of well-intentioned policy proposals reduce opioid overdose deaths, the numbers of newly addicted Americans, and the costs to society?

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Why are families being separated at the border?

Immigration June 13, 2018

Explaining the new “zero-tolerance policy” against illegal entry into the United States implemented by the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security.

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New Suicide Statistics Demonstrate Value of Data Coordination for Vital Statistics

Nick Hart, Anand Parekh, MD June 12, 2018

Analysis from the National Center for Health Statistics suggests suicide rates in the U.S. not only increased between 1999 and 2016 but some states increased by more than half.

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Will Congress Stay Dysfunctional Course Amid Election Year?

Governance May 31, 2018

Committees in the House and Senate are reporting high numbers of bills to the floor yet leadership in both chambers has severely curtailed the ability of members to offer amendments on the floor.

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Importance of Federal Support for Science Research

Kimberly Dean, Rachel May May 25, 2018

On May 8th, Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) hosted an event on “Investing in the Nation’s Future – A Renewed Commitment to Federal Science Funding” in partnership with The Science Coalition. Eric K. Fanning, the President and CEO of Aerospace Industries…

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White House Roundtable Highlights Challenges and Successes for Government Data Uses

Nick Hart May 25, 2018

BPC participated in a roundtable convened at the White House on May 23 to discuss how government can better use its data to support government operations.

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Dockless Bikes and Scooters: The Rise of Micro-Mobility

Jake Varn May 21, 2018

If dockless bikes and scooters can sustain their popularity and utility, while addressing public safety concerns, they have the potential to have a transformative impact. 

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Congress Clearly Signals Better Evidence Needed in Setting Drug Control Policy

Some data collection mechanisms have long existed to enable tracking of trends and monitoring broad conditions about government drug policy.

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