Upcoming Events

Sep. 23, 2014
Bipartisan Policy Center

With ISIS and international extremists dominating the international news coverage, the threat of terrorism is at the forefront of Americans’ minds. In light of these developments, BPC will release a new threat assessment on September 23, authored by Peter Bergen, a member of BPC’s Homeland Security Project.

Sep. 25, 2014
Bipartisan Policy Center

Join BPC's Energy Project and a panel of experts for a discussion on how early action is accounted for in the Clean Power Plan. This panel of experts from state, utility and environmental advocate perspectives will discuss the treatment of: energy efficiency savings prior to 2020, renewable energy and existing cap-and-trade programs, among other topics.

Sep. 30, 2014
Rayburn House Office Building

President Obama and the P5+1 negotiators have repeatedly stated that when it comes to the Iranian nuclear negotiations, “no deal is better than a bad deal.” But are the negotiations heading towards a bad deal?