Commission on Political Reform

About the Commission

Snowe Lott Daschle

The Bipartisan Policy Center launched the Commission on Political Reform in March 2013 to investigate the causes and consequences of America’s partisan political divide and to advocate for specific reforms that will improve the political process and that will work in a polarized atmosphere.

Governing in a Polarized America: A Bipartisan Blueprint to Strengthen our Democracy

Senators Tom Daschle, Trent Lott and Olympia Snowe along with Secretary Dan Glickman and Governor Dirk Kempthorne announced a set of bipartisan recommendations. Over the past 18 months, BPC's Commission on Political Reform, a group of thirty Americans from all political stripes, has engaged concerned citizens across the country to develop these reforms.

POLITICO: Ten Ways to Strengthen American Democracy

The current level of dysfunction in Washington is nothing like we could have ever imagined when we began our journeys in public service. Yet we are convinced, based on our decades of experience encompassing the legislative and executive branches, that the status quo of today need not constitute the new normal of tomorrow.

USA TODAY: Can this government be saved?

On this, at least, there is no longer much partisan debate: The nation's increasingly bitter political divide has tied Congress in knots, embattled the White House and undermined many Americans' faith in their government.

The Washington Post: A 15-part plan to restore democracy to America’s states

Democracy is in trouble, a group of high-level former officials say in a new, sweeping report based on a year and a half of deliberations.

Citizens for Political Reform

Tired of partisan bickering and political gridlock? So are we! That’s why BPC created Citizens for Political Reform. It’s a new initiative to empower voters to take back their democracy and help create positive change at the local and national levels. It’s about what you can do to make a difference if you’re frustrated with the current political environment.