For decades, the United States has been grappling with the issue of nuclear waste. Despite many efforts by the Executive Branch, Congress, industry, citizens groups and others, as well as the expenditure of billions of taxpayers’ and electricity consumers’ dollars, the United States still struggles with solving the country’s nuclear waste problem. Addressing the nation’s nuclear waste challenges could take years during which the U.S. government’s financial liability for not accepting commercial spent nuclear fuel – already in the billions of dollars – would increase. While we work to address U.S. nuclear waste issues and as we fall farther behind the international nuclear community, our ability to provide leadership suffers.

The goal of this project is to expand the national and regional conversation on nuclear waste and to develop policy options that ultimately could lead to an implementable nuclear waste strategy. BPC intends to convene an advisory group, host regional workshops and publish various work products.

Key to any nuclear plant decommissioning is the future of the spent nuclear fuel. BPC’s nuclear waste initiative is seeking to address nuclear waste, which includes spent nuclear fuel.

Timothy A. Frazier, director of BPC’s nuclear waste initiative, gave a keynote presentation at the Nuclear Decommissioning and Used Fuel Strategy Summit in Charlotte, NC on October 1. Frazier presented the objectives and scope of the nuclear waste project at BPC, the lessons learned from the two regional meetings held thus far, and the next steps of the project, including at least two more regional events.

Review the slides from the presentation.


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Presentation from the Nuclear Decommissioning and Used Fuel Management Summit

Frequently Asked Questions about Nuclear Waste

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