Clean Power Plan Comments Map

The Bipartisan Policy Center's (BPC) Clean Power Plan Comments Map allows you to search and view written comments submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from state and federal officials concerning 111(d) regulation of greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants. The map also provides some key facts about states’ political and electricity sector makeup, including information about each state’s energy policies, carbon emissions, electric capacity mix, and political affiliations.

As EPA Opens the Official Comment Period, BPC Releases Dynamic, Interactive Map Including State Comments




How to use the map

The map is colored based on the political affiliations of state leaders: governor, state house, and state senate. Hover your mouse over a state to see information about the state’s political makeup. Click on a state to display corresponding comments and electricity sector information in the boxes below the map. If a scroll bar appears in the comments box, there are more than three comments submitted by officials in the selected state. Use the down arrow on the scroll bar, or the wheel on your mouse, to see the additional comments. Click on the comment to pull up the text. You can view two versions of the CO2 emissions line graph by clicking on the graph. One version shows CO2 emission rates in pounds per megawatt-hour and the other shows emissions in millions of metric tons.

If you are experiencing problems with the map, a static list of comments links is available here.

Sources: Data for state outlines originally from U.S. Census Bureau, simplified by Michael Bostock; state and federal official comments from and BPC research; EERS and RPS data from DSIRE; capacity and emissions data from EIA; map rendering and animations use the D3.js JavaScript library, with input from helpful examples here, here, and here.

Compiled by Blair Beasley and Stuart Iler

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