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Proud Republicans, Democrats and Independents come here, to the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC), to work as a team. We all have different points of view. We all support different candidates. But once voting ends and ballots are counted, we come together with the simple goal of making America succeed.

A healthy, civil debate among those with differing viewpoints is the engine of our democracy. In the face of growing polarization, BPC remains steadfast in its mission to demonstrate the possibility and power of bipartisan solutions.

The campaign is over – now it’s time to govern. We hope that BPC will serve you as a key resource in understanding the nation’s most pressing policy challenges.

Jason Grumet
President, Bipartisan Policy Center

Navigating the New Site

We are excited to share our redesigned website with you. In overhauling the site, we attempted to resolve the fundamental question of any redesign: how can we direct visitors to the content they care about as quickly as possible? Now it is time for you to take a look around and see if we achieved our goal. Read more.

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