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American Congressional Exchange with Reps. Johnson and Phillips

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Rep. Dusty Johnson (R-SD) welcomed Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) to southeastern South Dakota on June 30 and July 1, 2022. Rep. Johnson holds an at-large seat, but chose to show off Sioux Falls and its surroundings on this trip. The pair, who are both active members of the House Problem Solvers Caucus, began the trip with visits to two of the longest-standing communities in the state: the Santee Sioux Tribe and Pleasant Valley Hutterite colony. From there, they visited a number of businesses across the area, from established businesses, like Scott VandeWal’s corn and soybean farm and 3M’s Brookings manufacturing plant, to the younger cutting-edge Aquatech (plant-based agriculture and aquaculture research), Raven Industries (automated and remote-managed farm equipment) and SAb Biotherapeutics (biopharmaceutical company focused on immunotherapies). The pair also spent time together in Rep. Phillip’s district last summer. Find out more about the American Congressional Exchange program here. 

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