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Over the course of four days in July 2015, Turkey entered into two wars, joining the international fight against the terrorist group known as the Islamic State (or ISIS) and also resumed hostilities with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). Turkey has vowed to fight both terrorist groups “without distinction,” yet a BPC analysis of how Turkey has conducted these two conflicts shows stark differences: Turkish action against ISIS has been limited, delayed, and retaliatory, whereas Turkey has been aggressive and proactive in targeting the PKK.

A year into Turkey’s fight against both ISIS and the PKK, examining both conflicts provides an opportunity to explore Turkey’s interests, objectives, and tactics in its struggle with terrorism. It also sheds light on how these interrelated conflicts might evolve, as well as their implications for U.S. regional policies.

Each pin on the maps below represent an event in the ongoing conflict between the Turkish government and the PKK, and between Turkey and ISIS. Pins are color-coded to represent the type of event which occurred, and each pin includes a very brief description of the event that occurred, including a tally of casualties, if applicable, and a link to the news source that reported the event. Select the icon in the top-left corner of each map to view the full list of events.

The maps will be updated weekly as new events occur or additional sources are found.

Last update: December 9, 2016

Black Pin: ISIS Attack Against Turkey

Pink Pin: Arrests of ISIS Suspects

Red Pin: Turkish Artillery Strikes and Airstrikes on ISIS Positions

Silver: Clashes Between Turkish Soldiers and ISIS

Dark Purple Pin: PKK Attack Against Turkey

Light Purple Pin: TAK Attack Against Turkey

Dark Silver Pin: Clashes Between Turkish Soldiers/Police and PKK

Yellow Pin: Curfews Imposed by Turkish Government

Orange Pin: Counterinsurgency Operations and Arrests of PKK Suspects

Red Pin: Turkish Airstrikes on PKK Targets


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Turkey vs. ISIS and PKK: A Matter of Distinction

The principal sources for this project are Turkish media outlets, though some events cite reports from non-Turkish media sources as well from sources on the ground using media platforms such as Twitter.

The location of each pin is an approximation based on information provided about the event in news reports. While some sources detail specific locations of events including the street or neighborhood, many are less exact, either naming only the city or region.