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The Bipartisan Policy Center of Excellence in Asset Recycling

Asset recycling is a strategy that state and local governments could use to tap into a source of funding for infrastructure without raising taxes or increasing debt. It is, however, a relatively unknown strategy in the U.S. and its execution requires sophisticated technical expertise.

BPC is building a Center of Excellence in Asset Recycling to fuel a pipeline of investment opportunities in American civil infrastructure for private-sector investors by developing expertise and capacity in asset recycling. The projected outcome for this undertaking is to create $10 billion in new investment opportunities by 2020.

It is anticipated that the Center of Excellence will serve as an implementation resource for state and local governments that provides training and education, disseminates best practices, fuels project pipelines, and drives thought leadership.

Our measurable objective is to build a national Center of Excellence in Asset Recycling in 2019. This facility will implement critically-needed change in how governments can procure and deliver infrastructure. It will also show the world that the United States infrastructure market is open for business.

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