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American Energy Innovation Council

The mission of the American Energy Innovation Council is to foster strong economic growth, create jobs in new industries, and reestablish America’s energy technology leadership through robust, public and private investments in the development of clean energy technologies. Learn more at

CEO Council on Health and Innovation

Employers can have a powerful impact on helping individuals and communities develop and/or maintain healthy habits that can improve health or better manage chronic conditions. The organizations represented on the CEO Council are leading the way toward a new understanding of health and health care, and a new vision of a health care system in which everyone plays an important role. Together they represent nearly one million members of the U.S. workforce and 104 million “covered lives” (e.g., employees, their families, and retirees covered by health insurance). Their impact is broader than this, however, through programs that promote health and wellness in the communities they serve. Learn more at

CEO Council on Sustainability and Innovation

Companies all along the food supply chain are on the front lines of addressing the challenges associated with a changing climate, a growing population and other threats to a stable food supply. Many companies are already dealing with the impacts of weather variability and supply chain disruptions, while also tackling higher and more volatile costs and an increasingly global customer base. However, these challenges also present opportunities to drive change in the market and these companies are on the leading edge of this change. The CEO Council on Sustainability and Innovation is a group of agribusiness leaders who are challenging themselves and their colleagues to embed sustainable practices throughout the supply chain.

Executive Council on Infrastructure

America is facing an infrastructure crisis. Despite bipartisan efforts in Congress and state legislatures, the reality is that government alone can’t fully fund all of the roads, bridges, and other critical infrastructure that our economy needs—let alone upgrade our airports, shipping hubs and water supply systems to meet the challenges of the coming decades. The Executive Council on Infrastructure is a working group of corporate CEOs and executives drawn from the financial, industrial, logistics, and services industries. The council has developed recommendations to help facilitate increased private sector investment in U.S. infrastructure. Learn more at