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Small Business

Small businesses are a big force in the American economy. They employ roughly half of the U.S. workforce. Young small businesses account for the lion’s share of net job creation. New and growing startups help pioneer breakthrough innovations. In all parts of the country and economy, small businesses in one form or another are vital—yet they need support from policymakers. Persistent financing gaps mean that many start and operate at a disadvantage. Complex bureaucratic rules prevent many small businesses from fully benefiting from set-asides in government procurement. In these and dozens of other areas, small businesses need a public policy framework that supports growth and success. The Bipartisan Policy Center works with small businesses, advocates, and key stakeholders to seek reforms that will empower entrepreneurs and better support their businesses’ growth. Our Task Force on the Future of SBA, for example, works to identify bipartisan reforms that can strengthen the Small Business Administration.

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