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Increasing Innovation in America’s Water Systems

Infrastructure / Research August 16, 2017

The infrastructure that collects, treats, and distributes drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater is aging. Meanwhile, affordability concerns have hit a critical juncture. This paper provides federal, state, and local recommendations while exploring how to break down barriers to innovation, reduce costs, and improve health and environmental outcomes.

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Immigration Trends and the Immigration Debate

Immigration / Research August 14, 2017

Over the past 20 years, the flow and demographic profile of immigrants entering the United States has changed dramatically. This issue brief explores the changes in key demographic categories of immigration, along with trends in unauthorized immigration and border activity, and how they compare with the current immigration debate.

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Results from BPC’s CEO Council Physical Activity Challenge to American Business

Janet M. Marchibroda / Research July 21, 2017

This report was originally published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Physical inactivity is a major public health threat: inactive adults are at an elevated risk of early death, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and depression.1 Despite these…

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Debt Limit Analysis

Shai Akabas, Tim Shaw / Research July 12, 2017

If policymakers do not act on the debt limit, BPC estimates that Treasury will have insufficient cash to meet all financial obligations sometime between Nov. 10-16.

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Financing Long-Term Services and Supports

Health / Research July 11, 2017

Recent analyses suggest that roughly 52 percent of individuals turning age 65 will require long-term services and supports at some point in their life. In this final report, BPC offers recommendations to improve the financing of long-term services and supports.

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The Upcoming Social Security and Medicare Trustees’ Reports: A Preview

Economy / Research June 22, 2017

It has helped immeasurably that the two public trustees have generally striven to operate as a bipartisan team, rather than dividing to offer competing partisan perspectives.

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The Power of Innovation: Inventing the Future

Energy / Research June 20, 2017

Advanced energy technologies represent a multitrilliondollar opportunity for American businesses and workers.

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North American Free Trade Agreement: An Overview

Economy / Research June 19, 2017

From its very beginning, the North American Free Trade Agreement has been a source of controversy and the subject of expansive claims about its benefits and negative impacts on the American economy and workers alike.

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Provider Competencies for the Prevention and Management of Obesity

Health / Research June 7, 2017

Few health professionals and trainees receive training in the prevention and management of obesity. The Provider Competencies for the Prevention and Management of Obesity were designed by more than 20 leading health organizations representing a dozen health professions. They are aimed at many types of health professionals engaged in obesity prevention and management.

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States of Change: Two Perspectives on Demographic Change and American Political Campaigns

Governance / Research June 1, 2017

The States of Change: Demographics and Democracy project is a collaboration of the Center for American Progress, the Bipartisan Policy Center, and the Brookings Institution. The project commissioned two papers from political strategists on the impact of demographic change on political campaigns. The strategists, Anita Dunn and Alex Lundry, reflect on the role of demographics in the 2016 election and present their perspectives on how campaigns might respond to future shifts in the make-up of the electorate.

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