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Testimony by Conrad and Lockhart on Retirement Security to the Senate Special Committee on Aging

Kent Conrad, James B. Lockhart, III / Research September 7, 2016

A Gallup poll earlier this year found that 64 percent of Americans are either very worried or moderately worried about not having enough money for retirement.

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BPC Comments on Proposed Prescription Drug User Fee Act

Janet M. Marchibroda / Research August 24, 2016

BPC applauds FDA’s efforts to incorporate enhancements to accelerate the development and delivery of safe and effective treatments and cures to patients.

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An Open Letter to the Presidential Candidates on Infrastructure

Haley Barbour, Henry Cisneros, / Research July 14, 2016

We urge you to make modernizing America’s infrastructure a central feature of your campaigns, and, if elected, a priority within your first 100 days of office.

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Testimony by Bill Hoagland on Improving the Congressional Budget Process

G. William Hoagland / Research June 22, 2016

The current budget procedures, rules, and processes are so complex that members and their staffs find them hard to understand, let alone the American taxpayer.

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An Open Letter to President Erdogan

National Security / Research March 30, 2016

An open letter to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his visit to the U.S. raises concerns about the Turkish government’s actions to silence opposition voices.

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Testimony by Dr. Alice Rivlin to the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Long-Term Care

Alice M. Rivlin / Research March 1, 2016

A new BPC report outlines a set of practical changes that could improve the availability and affordability of long-term services and supports.

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BPC Comments on Health IT Legislation

Janet M. Marchibroda / Research January 29, 2016

While a majority of clinicians and hospitals are now adopting electronic health records, the level of information sharing among different organizations is still fairly low.

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BPC Comments to Senate Finance Committee on Chronic Care Policy Options

BPC has released a number of reports that included recommendations to better organize and integrate our health care system to lower costs and improve quality of care.

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Letter to Congress in Support of Lifting Crude Oil Export Ban

Jason Grumet / Research December 7, 2015

The export ban is a form of resource nationalism that undermines our fundamental commitment to efficient markets, affecting our ability to promote free and fair trade.

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Letter to Congress on Advanced Nuclear Energy Innovation

Tracy Terry / Research November 20, 2015

Although nuclear power was developed and first commercialized in the U.S., we have arguably lost the strategic advantages of U.S. leadership in the field.

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