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Cyber Insurance: A Guide for Policymakers

Finance / Research March 21, 2016

The central obstacle to a well-functioning cyber insurance market is the inability of both insurers and insureds to know exactly how much risk is involved in cyber attacks.

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Election Day Command Centers: An Invaluable Tool in Election Administration

Governance / Research January 22, 2016

During his victory speech in 2012, President Obama noted the millions of American voters who were forced to wait to vote for extended periods of time.

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Public-Private Partnership (P3) Model State Legislation

Infrastructure / Research December 17, 2015

A promising tool to promote infrastructure investment is currently limited or unavailable in most states due to lack of enabling legislation.

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Immigration in Two Acts

Lazaro Zamora / Research December 10, 2015

Twenty-five years after the last major reforms, BPC provides an overview of the political context, provisions, and impacts of the immigration acts of 1965 and 1990.

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Insurance and Banking: Understanding Two Different Industries

Finance / Research September 29, 2015

Insurance is fundamentally different from banking. Each has its own specific models and practices, risk profiles, risk-management strategies, and regulatory regimes.

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Lifting the Crude Oil Export Ban

Energy / Research September 9, 2015

Allowing U.S. crude oil on the global market would increase supply, putting downward pressure on gasoline prices.

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Nuclear Waste Primer Series

Energy / Research July 30, 2015

The launch of BPC’s series comes as Congress prepares to take up energy legislation in the months ahead.

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How Does the Iran Deal Measure Up? Final Text Versus Framework‎ Agreement

Blaise Misztal, Jessica Michek / Research July 17, 2015

BPC analysis comparing the April framework agreement between Iran and the P5+1 to the text of the final deal reveals several worrying discrepancies.

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Insights from Modeling the Proposed Clean Power Plan

BPC’s Energy Project explores national- and regional-level impacts of the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Clean Power Plan in its new economic analysis.

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Medicare Benefit Modernization

Health / Research April 10, 2015

Medicare’s benefit package is outdated and fails to provide adequate protections for enrolled seniors and people with disabilities.

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