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Containing the Kirkuk Crisis

National Security / Research October 19, 2017

The loss of Kirkuk brought a dramatic end to the enthusiasm aroused by the Kurdistan Regional Government’s September 25 independence referendum.

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A Roadmap for a DACA Deal

Immigration / Research October 11, 2017

The good news: there is a bipartisan deal to be had on DACA; permanent status for DREAMers in exchange for additional border security.

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The Debt Limit at 100

Economy / Research March 15, 2017

The debt limit has been around for a century, but many years have passed since a serious discussion was held over its efficacy.

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Extraordinary Measures, Simplified

Economy / Research March 15, 2017

When the debt limit is scheduled to be reinstated from its current suspension, Treasury will again begin to deploy its extraordinary measures.

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Transition Memo: A Plan to Modernize America’s Infrastructure

Infrastructure / Research December 7, 2016

Meeting America’s infrastructure needs requires more private investment and a stronger framework to absorb it. Government cannot meet these needs alone.

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A Promising Approach to Expand Access to Workplace Retirement Savings

Economy / Research October 4, 2016

More than 40 million Americans are not covered by a workplace retirement savings plan. Employees of smaller businesses are especially likely to lack access.

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Turkey vs. ISIS and PKK

National Security / Research July 11, 2016

While Turkish fighter jets have repeatedly battered PKK locations in Turkey and northern Iraq, Turkey’s efforts against ISIS have been limited.

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Modeling the Evolving Power Sector and Impacts of the Clean Power Plan

Jennifer Macedonia, Blair Beasley, Erin Smith / Research June 21, 2016

State energy policies, falling natural gas prices, and the extension of federal tax incentives for renewables mean many states are on track to comply with the CPP.

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Cyber Insurance: A Guide for Policymakers

Finance / Research March 21, 2016

The central obstacle to a well-functioning cyber insurance market is the inability of both insurers and insureds to know exactly how much risk is involved in cyber attacks.

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Election Day Command Centers: An Invaluable Tool in Election Administration

Governance / Research January 22, 2016

During his victory speech in 2012, President Obama noted the millions of American voters who were forced to wait to vote for extended periods of time.

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