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Technical Appendix - Chapter 1 : Enhancing Oil Security

1. Risk of Oil Supply Disruptions

The Costs of US Oil Dependency

Ian Parry and Joel Darmstadter, Resources for the Future

The United States and the Middle East: Policies and Dilemmas

Amy Myers Jaffe, AMJ Energy Consulting

2. Domestic Oil Production

Federal Subsidies: How Can They Best Be Targeted? Ecos Consulting

3. Unconventional Oil Staff Background Paper

4. Strategic Petroleum Reserve Basic Facts About the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Staff Background Paper

5. Raising Passenger Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards

The Potential of Diesel Technology in Improving the Fuel Economy of the U.S. Passenger Vehicle Fleet

Staff Background Paper

Transportation Policy Options Policy Definitions and Discussion

Daniel Meszler , Meszler Engineering Services

Assessment of International Vehicle Fuel Economy Policies

Michael Walsh, Michael Walsh Associates

6. Reforming CAFE Flexibility Mechanisms for Fuel Economy Standards

Carolyn Fischer, Resources for the Future

CAFE Safety Valve

Staff Background Paper

7. Address Potential for Adverse Job Impacts through Economic Incentives for Hybrids and Advanced Diesels

Fuel Saving Technologies and Facility Conversion: Costs, Benefits, and Incentives

University of Michigan Transportation, Research Institute and Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center

Manufacturer Facility Conversion Credit – International Trade Law Issues

Robert Nordhaus, Van Ness Feldman Manufacturer Facility Conversion Credit – Examination of Potential Structural Limitations in Federal Tax Law

Robert Nordhaus, Van Ness Feldman

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