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A Roadmap for a DACA Deal

As Congress begins to act on a possible bipartisan deal that pairs a permanent legislative solution for DREAMers and increased border security, there is broad support across both parties for passing a permanent fix for this group. A majority of Americans—and a majority of Trump supporters—also favor this.

The good news: there is a bipartisan deal to be had on DACA; permanent status for DREAMers in exchange for additional border security. That high-level outline seems like an easy win for the president, Congress, and DREAMers. Not only that, but it makes for good policy.

Finding agreement will mean that DACA legislation cannot become a “wish list” for either interior enforcement on the right or more expansive immigration reforms on the left. However, there is significant space to find common ground.

We believe that broad bipartisan consensus exists in both chambers for legislation that provides permanent status for DREAMers, as long as it is paired with increased border security. Specifically, we think the following provisions could be included in the contours of strong bipartisan agreement.

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