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Mail Voting is Safe and Secure

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Mail ballots submitted by voters who meet eligibility and validity requirements are counted in every election. Before they are counted, election officials vigorously verify the validity of every mail ballot submission, as explained below. Mail ballots suspected of fraudulent activity are set aside for further investigation and, when appropriate, are referred to law enforcement for prosecution.

History and Usage of Mail Voting

Mail voting, also referred to as absentee voting, has been in use since it helped soldiers cast ballots during the Civil War. Mail voting has been increasing in usage since the 1980s, with unprecedented expansions taking place since the COVID-19 pandemic. Mail voting is a safe, secure, and reliable voting method used by voters of all political parties.

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All states offer some form of mail voting. The three types of mail voting are:

  • Excuse-required absentee voting refers to when registered voters that will be away from their jurisdiction on election day are permitted to request an absentee or mail ballot but must provide a valid excuse in order to do so. Valid excuses often include age (being 65 years or older), disability, and travel outside of your jurisdiction on Election Day.
  • No-excuse absentee voting refers to when any registered voter can request an absentee or mail ballot without being required to provide an excuse.
  • All-mail elections refers to when all registered voters are sent a mail ballot without having to request one first. In jurisdictions offering vote-by-mail, voters still have the option to vote in-person at a voting site or election office.


Many states have changed their mail voting laws since the 2020 election. Check with your local election office to learn about which voting options are available to you and what the deadlines are to apply for and cast a mail ballot.

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