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Forging an Enduring Bipartisan Consensus on Affordable Rental Housing

With the new administration and Congress, policymakers have an opportunity to forge an enduring bipartisan consensus on affordable rental housing. There is more agreement between the two political parties than one might think: Strengthening the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, expanding the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)’s Rental Assistance Demonstration program, continuing efforts to reduce homelessness, infusing real choice into the housing voucher program by enabling greater mobility, expanding self-sufficiency and asset-building incentives, and reducing regulatory barriers to increase affordable housing production?all have bipartisan buy-in.

There is more agreement between the two political parties on the issue of affordable rental housing than one might think.

The question is whether lawmakers can find the political will to devote to the effort and the resources to make significant progress. This brief lays out the possible parameters of such a consensus plan.

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