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Farm & Forest Natural Carbon Solutions Initiative Working Papers

The Bipartisan Policy Center’s Energy Project is focused on the development of pragmatic, evidence-based energy and climate policies that can make meaningful progress towards a low-carbon future. BPC’s Farm & Forest Natural Carbon Solutions Initiative aims to identify the most promising opportunities to enhance the economic and environmental well-being of our nation’s natural resources.

The BPC Energy Project has been working with a variety of technical experts to examine these opportunities and compiled a set of short working papers that create a foundation for a new federal initiative, geared toward the development of more targeted and ambitious natural carbon storage programs. We believe these working papers create an important starting point for a new congressional focus on natural carbon storage opportunities and intend to build on this initiative in 2020. BPC will publish a synthesis of these materials in early 2020 and will pursue many of these concepts in greater detail afterward. In the meantime, the working papers are packaged here for preliminary review.

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