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Cybersecurity Policy Research Guide

The issue of cybersecurity is vast and requires analysis from a range of experts and perspectives. The Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) Homeland Security Project compiled this list of reports on cybersecurity from policy analysis centers across the country, as well as resources from businesses and news sources. It is our intent to provide a helpful starting tool to cybersecurity researchers who seek a wide array of opinions and information. As our nation and indeed the world become increasingly connected online, we hope that American society will continue this healthy and necessary discussion of the challenges, dangers and opportunities that global connectivity creates.

As co-chairs of the Homeland Security Project, we recognize the growing importance of cybersecurity in a connected world. The internet bestows many benefits but it also poses many dangers. In this information age, the ability of government and business to access, share and protect vital information and information technology, all the while protecting privacy and civil liberties, is crucial to the safety and success of our nation.

BPC continues to focus on the steps the government and private sector are taking to protect our online transactions and our critical infrastructure from attack.. In 2010, BPC and CNN hosted Cyber ShockWave, a simulation that displayed the shortcomings in executive authority to respond to a massive cyber incident. Last July, a panel of BPC experts published Cybersecurity Task Force: Public-Private Information Sharing, highlighting the numerous obstacles hindering effective cooperation between government and business that could lead to a failure to detect and defeat cyber threats. BPC released a report in December 2012 titled Countering Online Radicalization in America. Authored by radicalization expert Peter Neumann, the report evaluates the growth of radical communities and recruitment online and proposes a strategy to counter this alarming trend. BPC continues to press for needed reforms to cyber authority and strategy.

The document is formatted to print as a hard copy for ease of reference. To print the list, set the page layout to landscape and print pages 1-11.

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