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From Idea to Impact: A Climate Tech Startup Story

The United States is a global leader in clean energy research, investing $9.2B in energy research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) in 2020—more than Japan, the European Union, and China combined. But the U.S. has historically struggled to commercialize and domestically manufacture new technologies, missing important opportunities to strengthen U.S. competitiveness and create domestic jobs.

Addressing the complexities of commercializing clean energy tech is an urgent need. Private investments are crucial, but federal programs play a vital role in de-risking emerging technologies, particularly during periods of private investment volatility.

This paper explores the interplay between public and private sector funding across the commercialization journey of two clean energy startups. Key takeaways:

From Idea to Impact: A Climate Tech Startup Story

By developing strategies to address these challenges, policymakers and industry have an opportunity to speed progress toward U.S. climate goals, drive lasting national and community-level economic gains, and help American clean energy companies remain competitive in the increasingly crowded global marketplace.

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