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As Citizens for Political Reform, it’s up to all of us to make our collective voice heard to influence our leaders in Washington and across the country to make our government work. Every week, BPC will ask Citizens for Political Reform questions to solicit ways to improve government. Responses to these questions will be used to help inform the Commission on Political Reform and policy makers about public opinion.

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Do you believe Congress should pass a clean debt ceiling extension or use it as an opportunity to achieve other policy goals?

If you had to eliminate a popular individual tax credit or deduction, which one would you give up?

Are you confident that Congress will pass a long-term budget or continuing resolution in time to prevent another government shutdown in January?

If you could chose, how would you prefer to vote?

Do you think election media coverage as a whole leans in favor of Republicans, Democrats, or is fairly balanced?

How long did you wait to vote at your local polling place in November 2012?

Is the nomination process contributing to the dysfunction and gridlock in Washington?

How do we attract the best candidates to run for public office?

Should there be a mandatory service requirement for young people today?

How do we attract the top talent to serve in government and elected office?

Is civility in Washington important to you?

What’s your favorite form of public service?

How do you think having more women in Congress affects the legislative process?

Do you think Congress should address issues piecemeal or attempt comprehensive solutions?

Do you socialize with those of differing political views?

Please post your thoughts in the comments section below. You can also tweet to us at @BPC_Bipartisan using the #EngageUSA hashtag or leave a message on our Facebook wall.