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Legislative Action Awards

BPC established the Legislative Action Award to acknowledge creative and courageous members who are breathing life into the legislative process. The award is given to new members who demonstrate the skill, grace, and tenacity to get things done for their constituents and the nation.

The Legislative Action Award is focused on members who have:

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  • Served six years or less in their current chamber.

  • Demonstrated skill and courage in the face of political challenges to confront substantive problems.

  • Provided a positive tenor to the legislative process.

  • Offered a template for improving the functionality of the institution through their example.

The Award Selection Committee is comprised of senior BPC leadership, board members, the co-chairs of BPC’s Commission on Political Reform, and representatives from businesses and non-profits.

The Legislative Action Award recipients embody the spirit of productive partisanship. Through action and achievement, these leaders prove that it is not necessary to compromise principle to achieve bipartisan progress.
Jason Grumet

The Legislative Action Award recipients are each highly productive leaders with proven ability to work across the aisle and to develop and enact significant legislation.

Past Recipients

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