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Artificial Intelligence

The next decade will see tremendous disruption from technology that will reshape and transform society. If managed properly, the nature of these changes can greatly improve standards of living, promote inclusivity, and create a more stable world order. However, managed poorly, they can promote inequity, instability, and crisis.

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The public is already seeing the effects of AI and other technology. Policy needs to adapt, and a series of questions should be addressed: What should be done to ensure AI promotes fairness and inclusion? How can the regulatory system evolve, while not stifling responsibly innovation? What can be done to protect privacy and security? Can AI accelerate innovation and growth? What will the workforce of the future look like? How does the United States remain competitive and lead the world in AI?

The future is unknowable, but it will be shaped by the decisions made today. The BPC Technology project will help inform these decisions in a thoughtful, bipartisan, and timely manner.

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