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Turkey Instability Gives ISIS Chaos It Thrives On

Friday, July 15, 2016

Washington, D.C. – The following is a statement on today’s events in Turkey from Blaise Misztal, national security director at the Bipartisan Policy Center.

“As the events in Turkey unfold—whether a coup or attempted coup—one certainty is that the United States should be concerned and speak out for ensuring Turkey’s stability and democracy.

“President Erdogan’s growing authoritarianism contributed to the rising tensions in Turkey and helped precipitate this current crisis. Additional instability and chaos will only help ISIS which has been actively seeking to destabilize the country.

“The ramifications of today’s events remain uncertain, but given Turkey’s significance as a NATO ally and member—albeit an unconstructive one—of the international anti-ISIS coalition, a coup could have widespread implications.

“It will considerably complicate U.S. efforts to coordinate with Turkey in fighting ISIS, and lingering instability, anger, and hostility toward the United States would further sabotage efforts moving forward.

“From the U.S. perspective, the worst case scenario might be an ineffective coup that pitches Turkey into a prolonged power struggle.

“Even a quickly executed coup which met with little resistance would be destabilizing, but a partial or unsuccessful coup would lead to much more instability ahead.”

Blaise Misztal is available for comment.