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Toby Z. Rice Joins the Bipartisan Policy Center’s AEIC

Washington, DC – The Bipartisan Policy Center is pleased to announce that Toby Z. Rice, president and CEO of EQT Corporation, will join BPC’s Energy Project as a member of the American Energy Innovation Council (AEIC).

As the nation’s largest natural gas producer, and a leader in scaling improved technologies to reduce environmental impact, EQT will play a defining role when it comes to a low-carbon energy economy. Their demonstrated commitment to environmental leadership highlights the potential for natural gas to play a meaningful part in satisfying the growing demand for low-cost, low climate impact energy. AEIC is proud to have Mr. Rice’s expertise to assist in accelerating the mission toward a clean energy economy.

“Toby Rice brings a unique perspective on the future role of natural gas and how it will impact our goal of lowering carbon emissions,” said BPC Energy Project Director Sasha Mackler. “His experience in leveraging technology to minimize environmental impact while maximizing efficiencies will be invaluable, as we recognize the need for innovation.”

“I am excited to join AEIC and begin working with BPC and the other council members on projects that can play a pivotal role in lowering global GHG emissions,” said Mr. Rice. “As we look into the future, continued innovation in the forms of advanced methane management and zero carbon fuels such as hydrogen represent meaningful opportunities for the natural gas industry to achieve low carbon emissions goals.”

Mr. Rice was named EQT’s president and CEO in July 2019, when he also was elected to the company’s board of directors. Since May 2018, Mr. Rice has served as a Partner at Rice Investment Group, a multi-strategy fund investing in all verticals of the energy sector, including investments in energy transition technologies. From October 2013 until its acquisition by EQT in November 2017, he was president, chief operating officer, and a member of the board of directors of Rice Energy. Previously, he served in several positions with Rice Energy, its affiliates, and predecessor entities—beginning in February 2007—including president and CEO of a predecessor entity from February 2008 through September 2013.