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Terwilliger Center Commends Administration Actions to Boost Affordable Housing Supply

“The J. Ronald Terwilliger Center for Housing Policy commends the Biden-Harris administration for its continuing focus on increasing affordable housing supply,” said Terwilliger Center Executive Director Dennis Shea. “The mismatch between the demand for housing and the inadequate supply of affordable and available homes is at the heart of today’s housing affordability crisis. The steps announced today, including new incentives to encourage states and localities to reform restrictive zoning rules that limit housing construction and density as well as increasing federal funding opportunities to support the conversion of commercial properties to housing, should make a meaningful difference. Responding to the housing-affordability crisis requires action at all levels of government, and today’s announcement is a welcome contribution to this effort.”

“We also commend the administration’s continued focus on preventing evictions, which research shows can lead families into inescapable cycles of poverty,” Shea added. “We encourage the Biden-Harris administration to work with Congress on legislation that could help preserve and sustain the emergency rental assistance programs created around the country during the pandemic that successfully prevented hundreds of thousands of families from losing their homes.”


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