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Sustained Investments in Public Health are Critical to Staying Ahead of the COVID Virus

Washington, DC – The following is a statement from the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Chief Medical Advisor Anand Parekh:

“BPC hosted a conversation with CDC Director Rochelle Walensky this morning to discuss her COVID-19 forecast for 2022. The director’s comments highlighted the need for sustained investments in public health and public health infrastructure, including data systems and workforce needs, to support CDC’s domestic and global efforts to address the pandemic and prepare for future health emergencies. Since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, BPC has released a number of reports with recommendations related to testing, vaccines, surge capacity, supply chain management, non-pharmaceutical interventions, global health, and preparing for the next pandemic.

“BPC understands the importance of staying ahead of the virus and believes Congress should provide the necessary funding to prevent disruptions to the country’s COVID response. As cases begin to rise abroad, it is imperative that we are prepared with adequate testing, vaccinations, and treatments to protect the health of the American people and avoid further disruptions to people’s daily lives. It is also critical that the country continue its investments in research to identify and assess emerging variants and providing support to the global vaccination and treatment efforts. Additional funding to procure treatments and vaccines, continue research to develop new vaccines, and support for global health had received bipartisan support in the COVID-19 supplemental funding proposal prior to being removed from the omnibus appropriations package. BPC believes that Congress must act urgently and in a bipartisan fashion to continue funding these efforts while ensuring transparency and accountability in how funds are spent and that investments be offset.”

CDC Director Waleknsy’s remarks are available here