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Senate Dem Proposal Takes Broad View of Infrastructure, Includes Role for Private Sector

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Washington, D.C.– Michele Nellenbach, director of strategic initiatives at the Bipartisan Policy Center, released the following statement in response to the release of an infrastructure plan from Senate Democrats:

“Today, Senate Democrats unveiled a proposal to provide $1 trillion in funding to infrastructure projects, including the nation’s roads and bridges, water and wastewater systems, and its ports and harbors. Importantly, this proposal also recognizes the role of innovative finance as a means of addressing the nation’s infrastructure funding and financing gap.

“BPC’s Executive Council on Infrastructure is excited to work with Congress and the new administration to advance a long-term proposal on addressing our nation’s broad infrastructure needs. Though President Trump’s proposal may differ from that put forth today by the Democrats, our council looks forward to working with both parties to reconcile competing plans and advance a shared vision for improving our infrastructure.

“The council released a report in May 2016 that provided a roadmap to partnering private investors with public infrastructure. To ensure any public funds are put to the best use, the council recommends projects seeking public dollars include a full accounting of life-cycle costs and assess potential options for leveraging private financing.

“We stand ready to work with Congress and the administration to address our critical infrastructure development and maintenance needs.”