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Misztal on Arrest of Syrian Kurdish Leader in Prague

National Security / Press Release February 26, 2018

Statement from Blaise Misztal, director of national security at the Bipartisan Policy Center, on the arrest of a Syrian Kurdish leader in the Czech Republic.

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BPC’s Linda Smith on New NASEM Early Childhood Study

Education / Press Release February 23, 2018

We must stop expecting the way we offered, and paid for, child care in the past to suffice for the realities of today.

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Fortier on Florida Senate Passage of Interstate Voter Data Sharing Legislation

Governance / Press Release February 21, 2018

Statement from John Fortier, director of the BPC’s Democracy Project, on passage today of interstate voter data sharing legislation by the Florida Senate.

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BPC: Only a Bipartisan DACA Deal Can Become Law

Immigration / Press Release February 15, 2018

Statement from BPC’s Theresa Cardinal Brown as the Senate prepares to vote this afternoon on a series of immigration proposals.

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Analysis: Debt Limit to Increase More Than $1 Trillion After Suspension

Economy / Press Release February 14, 2018

New analysis from BPC’s economic policy team projects that this budget agreement will cause a federal government deficit of more than $1 trillion next year.

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BPC Report: Biodefense Requires Advanced Funding for Effective Medical Countermeasures

National Security / Press Release February 14, 2018

A new BPC report outlines options for policymakers to optimally fund the development and stockpiling of effective medical countermeasures.

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AEIC: U.S. Must Boost, Not Cut, Energy R&D Investment

Energy / Press Release February 13, 2018

American Energy Innovation Council Staff Director Brad Townsend issued the following statement today in response to President Trump’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2019.

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New Data Shows Demise of Congressional Debate in 2017

Governance / Press Release February 13, 2018

As the Senate begins open debate on immigration legislation, new Healthy Congress Index data shows that it will be the first substantial opportunity for debate in the 115th Congress.

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BPC Exec. Council: WH Infrastructure Proposal Should Spur Congressional Action

Infrastructure / Press Release February 12, 2018

BPC’s Executive Council on Infrastructure welcomes the release of President Trump’s Outline for Rebuilding Infrastructure in America as a catalyst for bipartisan, bicameral action.

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Statement on the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018

Economy / Press Release February 9, 2018

Statement on the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 from Jason Grumet, president of the Bipartisan Policy Center.

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