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BPC: Only a Bipartisan DACA Deal Can Become Law

Washington, D.C.– As the Senate prepares to vote this afternoon on a series of immigration proposals, Theresa Cardinal Brown, director of immigration and cross-border policy at the Bipartisan Policy Center, issued the following statement:

“Today, the Senate will vote on a number of proposals to address the situation of DACA recipients. Several of the proposals reflect the recommendations of BPC’s Immigration Task Force and represent honest, good-faith efforts at bipartisan compromise. President Trump’s framework was an important starting point for the negotiations in recent weeks, but cannot and should not be the final deal.

“Only a truly bipartisan bill, like the Rounds-King amendment announced last night, has a chance of passing the Senate and ultimately becoming law. The opportunity to solve this problem is so close at hand. Congress and the White House cannot afford to squander it.

“No one is going to get everything they want in this process. Few are likely to be fully comfortable embracing every aspect of a compromise. But in the name of reaching a resolution for the DREAMers, all sides should be willing to accept broad bipartisan legislation.”

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