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BPC Task Force Co-Chairs Saxby Chambliss and Heidi Heitkamp Issue Letter to Agriculture Committees' Leadership with Farm Bill Priorities

Washington, DC – Today, former Senators Saxby Chambliss and Heidi Heitkamp, co-chairs of the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Farm and Forest Carbon Solutions Task Force, issued a letter to the chair and ranking members of the House and Senate Agriculture Committees with policy recommendations for the 2023 Farm Bill designed to ensure practical and lasting impacts in support of the long-term productivity of farm and forest lands and the prosperity of rural communities. 

“Congress gets an opportunity every five years to improve the lives of our hard-working farmers, ranchers, and foresters, and we believe there are several policy changes to existing programs that should draw strong bipartisan support,” said former Senator Saxby Chambliss. 

The co-chairs believe the farm bill is a bipartisan opportunity to leverage American farmers’ and forest landowners’ long legacy of environmental stewardship to further enhance the resilience of our landscapes, food systems, and rural economies. 

“America’s farmers and foresters have led the way in implementing conservation and sustainable practices, and it’s important that federal policy reflects, encourages, and furthers these efforts,” said former Senator Heidi Heitkamp 

The co-chairs also pledged to support and work with the committee leadership to build the consensus necessary to usher a bipartisan Farm Bill through the legislative process and see it signed into law this year. 

Read the Letter 

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