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EPA Ruling Highlights Need for Pragmatic, Effective Long-Term Climate Strategy

Washington, DC – Below is a statement from BPC Executive Director of the Energy Program Sasha Mackler responding to the Supreme Court ruling today in West Virginia vs. EPA: 

“This decision by the Supreme Court will have the unfortunate effect of increasing regulatory uncertainty at a time when greater clarity on a national climate policy is needed. Administrative actions to reduce carbon emissions are important but they have proven to be slow, contentious, and inadequate. With agencies now further constrained, the only path forward to a broad and effective program driving the transition to a national low-carbon energy system is for Congress to come together to enact durable, bipartisan energy and climate legislation. The benefit to this approach is bipartisan policy doesn’t have the same risk of being reversed with each new administration. Today’s court ruling only increases the importance of Congress adopting a pragmatic and effective long-term climate strategy.” 

In addition, BPC Managing Director of the Energy Program Lesley Jantarasami is available for comment. At EPA, she worked on GHG regulations for transportation and power sectors.