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Don’t Underestimate Significance of Senate Passage of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act

Washington, D.C. – The Bipartisan Policy Center congratulates Sens. Cornyn (R-TX) and Murphy (D-CT) for their courageous and steadfast leadership to reduce gun violence.  The agreement between Democratic and Republican senators proves that Washington works when legislators place the needs of ordinary citizens above those of narrow interest groups and election-year slogans. Last night’s 64-34 vote in the Senate is cause for optimism that this legislation will soon head to President Biden’s desk for his signature. The vote reflects years of work from Americans and policymakers from across the political spectrum to take steps to curb gun violence.

“This agreement represents the first meaningful congressional effort to address gun violence in more than 20 years,” said BPC President Jason Grumet. “While the proposed actions are modest, the political significance of this broad bipartisan action and the efforts of Americans who have spoken up for such legislation should not be underestimated. If adopted into law, this will save lives and create new space for a more constructive conversation.”

Note: Jason Grumet is available for comment.