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Casey Higgins Joins the Bipartisan Policy Center as a Fellow

Washington, D.C. – The Bipartisan Policy Center today announced that Casey Higgins, former assistant to the Speaker for Policy and Trade Counsel under former House Speaker Paul Ryan, is joining the organization as a fellow working with our immigration project. In this position, Higgins will use her expertise working with BPC’s immigration experts to develop pragmatic immigration policy solutions while researching and writing on immigration policy and politics.

Higgins advised Ryan and the Republican leadership on a wide range of issues under the scope of the Ways and Means, Judiciary, Homeland Security, and House Administration committees.

She also played an integral role for the House during border security and immigration negotiations with the Trump administration and the Senate in 2017 and 2018. Furthermore, she coordinated border security and DACA negotiations within a House working group and briefed President Trump, cabinet members, and other White House aides on the effort that resulted in a vote on the House floor in 2018.

“We are very excited to have Casey join our growing Immigration team,” said Theresa Cardinal Brown, BPC’s director of immigration and cross-border policy. “Her experience and success in working with some of the nation’s most powerful leaders to develop bipartisan immigration legislation will be invaluable to us here at BPC.”

During the 113th Congress, Higgins coordinated efforts to bring legislation calling for stronger border security, reforming the legal immigration system, and addressing the undocumented population to a vote in the House in response to the Senate’s passage of comprehensive immigration reform legislation.

“I am greatly looking forward to the opportunity to work with the experts at BPC to devise bipartisan policy recommendations that will improve our nation’s immigration system,” Higgins said. “At a time when bipartisanship is so rare, yet desperately needed to solve some of the most complex issues facing our country, it’s an honor to be able to work for an organization that takes a deliberate and pragmatic approach to policymaking.”